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3WSHS began as a one man team compelled for passion in the art world and marketing aspect of life. Starting out as a sole-artist, 3WSHS had to rely on the self induced expertise in the marketing realm for their art and tattoo designs. Stemming from a thirst of knowledge we now grew to be a whole team of passionate individuals who take on the marketing world by storm while still bringing attention to the art created everyday from canvases to digital works to tattoos and branding logos. Every aspect of 3WSHS has a bit of creativity that speaks to the mind and soul. 

Where we started is just the beginning as each of continue to grow everyday in the sense of creatives and professionals who work with day to day businesses, brands and pro-bono non-profits everyday. 

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When it comes to what we do best, 3WSHS has a team of individuals who know what your brand needs in order to succeed. Whether it be putting your brand online or communicating to your customers or even helping you find your voice, 3WSHS was made to help you create the brand you've been striving to make while guiding you in the direction you need to take in order to succeed in the future of today. 

- Social Media Management       - Brand Building 

- SEO Optimization                      - Review Marketing

- Email Marketing                         - UX/UI Web Building 


- E-commerce                                - PPC-Advertising 


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Each engagement begins with a thorough discovery process that establishes the foundation of a comprehensive campaign plan.

We can build integrated solutions that employ cohesion in messaging to address primary problems when we have a thorough understanding of each client's fundamental goals.

Every performance marketing campaign we create is created with a level of analytical rigor that enables us to test, refine, and scale campaign parameters.

The resulting structures give us the ability to seize fleeting opportunities while building a solid foundation for consistent, long-term outperformance.

Finally, Effective communication is necessary for successful partnerships.

Our dedication to consistent, open, and honest communication is strengthened by organizational, structural, and operational tools that make responsibility and cooperation fundamental to how we work.


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| 3WSHS llc | 

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