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Making Design Ideas Come True...

Connect with our artist today to make your dream tattoo design into a reality with 3WSHS Designs

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About the Artist...

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While he was still in college, 3WSHS began as a one-man operation for simple designed tattoo pencil illustrations. The tattoo design world has grown tremendously into an artistic lifestyle, enabling the brand to create tattoo designs that people deserve and want to have every day, which has brought him to where he is now. concentrating on everything from full-on sleeves to simple tattoo designs. Each digital tattoo created by 3WSHS is individually unique from the others, ensuring that it not only represents you but also is exactly how you pictured it in the first place. Bring your next tattoo design to life by working with our artist today.

  • How many revisions do I get
    As many as you require to complete the tattoo properly.
  • How can do i get in contact with my designer
    Your committed tattoo artist will communicate with you via email, delivering you the drafts as attachments so you may evaluate and provide feedback.
  • What happens if i don't like my final design
    Every step of the design process will be communicated with you by our artists, allowing you to provide feedback at any time. We offer limitless revisions after you approve the initial draft, but the deposit is no longer refundable. You are not required to pay the remaining balance of your invoice if you dislike the final design or are unhappy with the service in any other manner.
  • Do you create cover up designs
    Of course! Simply give us a picture of your existing tattoo so we can offer ideas and suggestions.
  • How do i know this tattoo is specifically made for me
    We offer a proof of uniqueness, where we give you a certificate of authenticity to present to present your tattoo artist.
  • How long does the process usually take
    After we receive the deposit, we will get you in touch with a designer within 48 hours. In three to five days after reviewing your proposal, they will provide you an initial draft. The process often lasts no more than two weeks, depending on the quantity of modifications.
  • What types of designs do yall do
    Traditional, neotraditional, geometric, linework, portrait all types. We're skilled tattoo artists who can assist you with tattoo ideas ranging from little to large, including full back tattoo designs.
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