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Make Your Design Come True

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Our tattoo artists are here to be an extension of your storytelling; they will patiently and imaginatively lead you through the drawing process  helping you create a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that is ready to be inked by looking at your preferred tattoo concepts, related designs, or real-world imagery. Regardless of the tattoo style you choose, our artists will use their considerable knowledge and study to create the perfect design for you. 

This is how it goes:

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How It Works...

1. Send In Your Idea

Send us a brief explanation of your concept, as well as examples of designs that demonstrate your preferred style. Tell us about your tattoo style, vision, or direction your artist should go.

11. Recieve your Quote

Once we receive your tattoo concept, our design team will assess the tattoo's size and complexity. They'll figure out how much the design will cost and send you everything you need to get started right away. (There is no obligation to purchase any of the quotations)


111. Review Your Design

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You will begin working with our tattoo artist on your custom tattoo design once the initial draft has been approved. You will be able to make as many adjustments as you need in order to complete the sketch.

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IV. Complete and Print for Ink

You'll work with your artist personally until your design is exactly what you imagined. We will email you all of your final designs in High Definition along with a certificate of authenticity once your Custom Tattoo Design is complete and you love it.


How To Get Started

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We first request a deposit after we've narrowed down your potential tattoo design before connecting you with a qualified tattoo artist. A tattoo industry norm that enables us to work with clients who are dedicated to realizing their tattoo concept and who recognize the skill and experience required to create each design from scratch.


Once you are in contact with your designated tattoo artist, they will discuss any extra information required to begin working on the design with you. You will receive the first tattoo draft to evaluate and comment on in 3–5 days.


The money is non-refundable once you accept the draft and determine that the tattoo artist comprehends the course you want to take with your notion.


Your designer will collaborate with you at every stage to ensure that every element of the design is truly unique to you.


Your professional artist will stay in touch with you via email and provide you sketches for evaluation after each iteration, all without charging you more.


If you decide to cancel the mission at this point, we will keep the deposit and won't ask you to pay the remaining balance.


After you have approved the final version of your unique tattoo design, we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.


When everything is resolved, we'll send you:


  • Full resolution of your creation

  • Ready-to-use stencil for your design at the tattoo parlor of your choice

  • Authentication certificate

Refund Policy

Even if the initial design draft has not been accepted, in exceptional circumstances where we lose communication with the client or the client fails to connect with their personal tattoo artist for longer than two weeks, we will keep the deposit and will not offer refunds.


In the event that a unique condition prevented the customer from communicating, we will review the situation and, if appropriate, issue a refund.

Ready to start your design?

Connect with our artist today to make your dream tattoo design into a reality with 3WSHS Designs

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